Purple Cupcakes

Little collection of gorgeous purple cupcakes – perfect way to express your inner Femme Fatale πŸ™‚

Black And White Cupcakes

The black and white theme is timeless classic and stylish enough even for the most exquisite wedding party, here are some B&W decoration ideas.

Coconut And Lime Cupcakes With Zesty Icing

Perfectly suited to a summer-themed wedding or party, these fragrant delights taste like the best times of your life.Β  The pairing of freshly grated lime and creamy coconut will evoke thoughts of palm trees, white beaches, sand between your toes, ocean breezes and sun-fuelled days.Β  Could you ask for anything more? Sure the recipe for them :).

Bacon Cupcakes

Calling all bacon addicts out there who even use the bacon salt, if you are cupcake lovers too, you can now have the best of both worlds – The Classic Bacon Cupcakes

Polar Bear Cupcakes

Cute, cute, cute, little polar bears! Wild! The only question is what are they doing on these cupcakes? πŸ™‚

Green Cupcake

Some ideas for green cupcakes. Why green, the reasons can be endless πŸ™‚

Sheep Cupcakes

Adorable little sheep cupcakes perfect for little girl’s birthday.

Yummy Apple Cupcakes

Yummy apple cupcakes! They are big and they are red, full a basket of them and go to a picnic :).

Red Wedding Cupcakes

First of all, you can use them to replace a conventional large cake. Choose cupcakes in different flavors, colors and designs. Your guests will love your idea and submit to it happily. It’s definitely more fun and flattering to allow your invitees to pick their own favorite flavor and design. You can select heart shapes and other sumptuous designs to flatter your guests in an unforgettable way.

Cinnabon Cupcakes

Cinnabon Cupcakes – In addition to the Cinnacake Classic, there are three other new cupcake flavors: Chocolate Passion, Vanilla Bliss, and 24-Carrot Cake.