Black And White Cupcakes

Black and white floral decoration – exquisite combination perfect for many occasions, including wedding.

Daisy Fancy Iced Cupcakes

Wonderful ideas for floral decoration of cupcakes baked in Muffin size cupcake cases with a very generous topping of buttercream or Ganache.

Black And White Cupcakes

The black and white theme is timeless classic and stylish enough even for the most exquisite wedding party, here are some B&W decoration ideas.

Coconut And Lime Cupcakes With Zesty Icing

Perfectly suited to a summer-themed wedding or party, these fragrant delights taste like the best times of your life.  The pairing of freshly grated lime and creamy coconut will evoke thoughts of palm trees, white beaches, sand between your toes, ocean breezes and sun-fuelled days.  Could you ask for anything more? Sure the recipe for them :).

Red Wedding Cupcakes

First of all, you can use them to replace a conventional large cake. Choose cupcakes in different flavors, colors and designs. Your guests will love your idea and submit to it happily. It’s definitely more fun and flattering to allow your invitees to pick their own favorite flavor and design. You can select heart shapes and other sumptuous designs to flatter your guests in an unforgettable way.

Wedding Floral Cupcakes

For every wedding it is a good idea there to be cupcakes to make company to the star cake 😉