Black And White Cupcakes

The black and white theme is timeless classic and stylish enough even for the most exquisite wedding party, here are some B&W decoration ideas.

Coconut And Lime Cupcakes With Zesty Icing

Perfectly suited to a summer-themed wedding or party, these fragrant delights taste like the best times of your life.  The pairing of freshly grated lime and creamy coconut will evoke thoughts of palm trees, white beaches, sand between your toes, ocean breezes and sun-fuelled days.  Could you ask for anything more? Sure the recipe for them :).

Party Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated with buttercream, cookies, marzipan, sugars, candies, and gum paste.

Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

A birthday party is not a birthday party without super-indulgent desserts. And nothing can beat ice cream sundae cupcakes. Choose bright-colored cupcake liners to enhance the super-happy party mood. Serve the cupcakes on a silver metallic plate, platter, or tray for a stylish look.