Sunflower Cupcakes

What can be better than staring your day with a smile and a sunflower cupcake…Sunny!!! 🙂

Less Than Attractive Cupcakes

Less Than Attractive cupcakes – Embrace and love them…beauty is in the eye of the cupcake beholder!

Cnanel Inspired Fashion Cupcakes

This cute cupcake idea by Cupcakes For Party is perfect for women’s birthday party at lunchtime or brunch time or in the afternoon. Serve each individual cupcake on a white plate, decorated with a bright pink ribbon. Very Chanel!

Chanel Inspired Cupcakes

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.   – Coco Chanel  What a food fashionista can add to this?!?

Fashion Cupcakes – Designer Bags And High Heels

Fashion and cupcakes all in one place, what can be better?! 🙂 For everyone who wants to create gorgeous fashion cupcakes The French Cake Company is the place to check out.

Fashion Cupcakes – High Heels and Designer Bag

Cute high heels and designer bag cupcakes by Wild sugar Rose

Safari Cupcakes With Cute Fondant Elephants

How to Make Safari Cupcakes – Fondant Elephants. Great recipe and step by step tutorial by Bake Happy.

Vintage Cupcake Cakelets

Cute vintage cupcake ideas by Dominique from the Sugarplum Cupcakes blog. Her page will aim to inform, discuss, comment and even educate on the art of cupcakes.

Purple Butterfly And Flower Cupcakes

A sweet and simple butterfly cupcake made for a little girls birthday party by Bella Cupcakes.

Banana Pudding Cupcakes

As a Southern girl Becky prides herself in love of “traditional” Southern flavors – sweet tea, shrimp and grits and of course, banana pudding! On her great blog she shares the recipe for the cupcake version of this most beloved treat.